Kimora Lee Simmons Calls Russell Simmons' Lawsuit Against Her 'Harassment'

By Daryl Nelson

Russell Simmons has accused his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons of illegally transferring stocks of his Celsius energy drink to her husband Tim Leissner, and he's suing her.

Leissner was arrested years ago for his part in a multi-million dollar fraud scheme, and Russell believes Kimora gave him the stocks to help him pay for legal fees.

Kimora and her team recently issued a statement about the suit and blasted Russell, while also bringing up the accusation that he sexually abused women.

"Kimora and her children are shocked by the extortive harassment coming from her ex-husband, Russell Simmons, who has decided to sue her for shares and dividends of Celsius stock in which Kimora and Tim Leissner invested millions of dollars," the statement reads

"Russell’s continued aggressive behavior not only blatantly distorts the facts, but is simply a desperate PR ploy ignoring the years of mental and emotional anguish, gas lighting, and ongoing harassment he has inflicted on Kimora," it continues. "Russell will be held accountable for his serial abuse and we will confront his baseless claims that he is warranted Celsius stock dividends despite his self-admitted zero contribution."


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