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Kim Kardashian Lost Tons Of IG Followers After Unairbrushed Ass Photos

By HHL Editors

Kim Kardashian has built her brand on being sexy.

So what happens when some not-so-sexy photos of her famous backside emerge?

Earlier this week, unflattering photos of KK wearing a bikini on a Mexican beach hit the web.

That ass is giving me very much diaper booty! Why does it look like that. As much money that she be putting to her body, there is no reason why her cakes look all cottage cheese like. Her vintage Dior 2 piece is cute though! #kimkardashian #kimkardashianwest #mexico

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Kim didn't post that revealing shot on her on Instagram. However, her page did feel the effect. In the days following the photos' release she lost 100,000 IG followers.

She still has 98.8 million. So don't cry for her and her oddly configured backside.

In a since deleted tweet, Kim acknowledged she needs to control the image better.

“I’ve recently seen perspective is a bitch. I’ll work on taking good videos with better lighting & angles. Fuck you would think I learned.
She then posted this photo:


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