Killer Mike Speaks on Kendrick Lamar's 'Hood Politics' Shout-Out

By Sermon

"Critics want to mention that they miss when hip hop was rappin’/ Motherfucker, if you did, then Killer Mike'd be platinum"

This line was featured in the third verse of Kendrick Lamar's "Hood Politics" off To Pimp A Butterfly. It's been one of the most talked about lines on the album, so naturally Killer Mike acknowledged the shout out on Twitter. He took it a step further in this interview with MTV.

"I felt like when a professional ballplayer compliments another professional ballplayer. That is a compliment; no one can understand how truly dope that is unless you’re a ballplayer. Unless you stepped on the court and laced up your shoes and had to play against Jordan you don’t understand what a compliment it is when Jordan says, ‘Yeah, I like that guy, he’s one of those ones."
He goes on to say that he didn't know Kendrick even listened to his music, and that he hopes to have a career similar to Scarface, Bun B and E-40. Watch it below.

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