Killer Mike Says Jesus Was Original Rapper And He Might Fight Bill O'Reilly

By HHL Editors

Earlier this week, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly blamed rap music for the decline in Christianity in this country.

While rap's influence on culture can certainly be debated, specifically calling it out for turning young people away from the church is pretty nonsensical and O'Reilly has been roundly roasted for the comment.

Killer Mike addressed O'Reilly's comments last night on Real Time With Bill Maher.

At first the Run The Jewels emcee said Bill-O's words didn't bother him because he's just playing an angry talk show host character.

When Maher explained that he knows O'Reilly and that O'Reilly genuinely believes what he says Mike became disturbed and worried that he would now have to fight the Fox News personality. (O'Reilly is enormous too, so that would be quite the heavyweight battle.)

Next, Mike made a funny analogy about Jesus being the first rapper.

"Jesus was arguably a black guy or at least dark," Mike explained. "He hung with a posse of homies. One of them was strapped with a knife. [He] went to war with the government. Lost, like a lot of black guys do. And everybody loved him more after he died, like Tupac."
See the whole segment below.

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