Killer Mike Says He'd Punch Bill Maher For Using The N-Word

By Daryl Nelson

Bill Maher was blasted for using the N-word during the last episode of his show Real Time With Bill Maher, and people came at Killer Mike for defending him.

During the episode, Maher called himself a "house nigga" while speaking to Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse. In response, the Atlanta rapper said people should leave him alone.

But during a recent chat with TMZ, Mike said he wouldn't allow Maher to call him the N-word in front of him, and he'd correct him immediately.

"I would've punched Bill in his stomach and said 'You sound stupid,' and we would've smoked a joint after," he said. "You know why? Because that's what you do when your white friend does that when you're 13, and he gets a little too comfortable and says it, you punch your friend in the stomach."
Mike also  talked about people wanting to boycott Maher's show and although he supports their right to do that, he chooses to focus on other things.

"If people want to protest him, fine, I support it," he stated. "If people want to call for his job, do you want to do. As for me, though, I am not going to start to limit entertainers in what they can say, because when you start doing that, you're painting yourself in a corner, and you're going to make sure your First Amendment rights are one day going to be out the door, and we really are going to live in a fascist country."
What do you think about Killer Mike's take on all this? You can see his interview below.

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