Kidd Kidd Goes After Lil Wayne For BLM Comments

By HHL Editors

Lil Wayne discovered Kidd Kidd, and put him in his group Squad Up.

But Kidd Kidd -- who's now with G-Unit -- had no mercy for his former boss when asked about Wayne's controversial Nightline interview in which he said he doesn't understand Black Lives Matter and feels no connection to it.

“Real talk, I don’t know what the fuck that nigga was on that day,” Kidd Kidd said. “And that’s just being trill, you know what I’m saying? I don’t know what the nigga be on, god. I know Wayne. I know ya mama and them told you  some dumb shit when you say that. I know you know better than that, dog. You can’t sit up here and say you don’t know nothing about Black Lives Matter, and you don’t pay attention to this, you don’t pay attention to that. My nigga, you a old hermit. My nigga. You watch TV all day. I know you know what’s going on out here with us and our people. Don’t act like you don’t care.”
Kidd Kidd went on to say that Wayne probably doesn't care about BLM. But added that nobody's buying it when Wayne says he's never heard of the movement, and that he should at least pretend to care for those who look up to him.

For his part, Wayne has already apologized for the Nightline interview.

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