Kid Cudi Makes His Opinion Of Drake And Future Clear

By HHL Editors

Right after Drake and Future dropped their joint tape What A Time To Be Alive, Kid Cudi dropped a Tweet which suggested he thought the project sucked.

In a new interview with Billboard, Cudi explains that the Tweet wasn't directed at Drake and Future, even though it was posted on a day their tape was dominating the news cycle. Cudi claims he wouldn't comment on anything that Future and Drake had made because he couldn't bring himself to listen to their "shit" music in the first place.

I look around like, “This is what y’all think is the best? This shit is not that dope.” But I’m pretty quiet on my Twitter nowadays," Cudi told Billboard. "I made a comment about mediocrity in music on Twitter, around the time Drake and Future put out [2015’s What A Time To Be Alive]. People were like, “Cudi’s talking shit!” I’m appalled any of y’all think I even sat down and listened to that shit. (Laughs.) I wasn’t talking about that at all! But if the shoe fits… N—s are so guilty that they know it’s them. I didn’t even know they had a project. I tweeted that, put my phone down and walked away. Next time I pick it up, I’m in the news! They say I’m ranting; a rant means you care. I don’t care like that."
This is the same interview in which Cudi conceded he's in a rough place and has had suicidal thoughts.

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