Kid Cudi Lashes Out At Fakes And Haters

By HHL Editors

Kid Cudi has just declared that the "days of fuckery are over."

The 32 year old -- who is about drop a double album -- hit at industry haters and fakes, and also those who use ghostwriters, in an angry Twitter rant.

Kid Cudi doesn't say who he is coming for in his rant.  But two names quickly come to mind.

First, Big Sean. Cudi has already threatened Sean for messing with his boy Dot Da Genius's marriage to Jhene Aiko. (He also links Dot in his latest rant.)

Second would be Drake, who uses writers and fancies himself a GOAT.

In the past, Cudi has posted what seemed like subliminals directed at Drizzy.

Should Drake, Big Sean and any other of targets of Cudi be worried.

Update: Kanye West, Cudi's old boss and user of many, many ghostwriters, also comes to mind.

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