Kevin Hart Responds To Katt Williams' Scathing Criticism

By HHL Editors

Comedian and crazy person Katt Williams had some pretty nasty things to say about Kevin Hart during a show in Atlanta last weekend.

"I’ve already proven that if the best they’ve got in comedy is Kevin Hart—-don’t you boo a black man working hard, even if that nigga’s a puppet it’s not his fault," Williams said from the stage. "You don’t get mad at Kermit The Frog, you get mad at Jim Henson. Don’t say fuck Donald Duck when you mean fuck Walt Disney. I just know somebody’s hand is stuck up that baby."
Hart decided to take the high road in response to Williams's words with an Instagram post yesterday from the Oscars.

Me & Dave Chappelle with our brother @chrisrock tonight at the Oscars. True professionals understand the importance of sticking together & supporting one the end of the day we are comedians & there aren't many that make it to level that we have made it. But so many doors are opened from the success of one comedian & when you see those doors open you then have the opportunity to walk thru's about helping one another not trying to tear each other down!!!! The insecure ones will never understand what "Support & encouragement" #Message #DopePic #Legendary

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What do you think? Is Williams correct to call Hart a puppet, or is he just jealous and insecure?

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