Kevin Gates Is Getting Out Of Jail Soon

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There's a reason why you haven't heard any music (or antics) from Kevin Gates.

He was sentenced to 180 days in prison on October 26 for his notorious girl kicking incident. 

The prosecutor had only asked for 60 days. However, the judge slapped him with three times the recommended sentence. And it looks he's going to serve most of it.

XXL reports that Gates will be released on March 24.

Gates maintained that he only kicked the girl -- who was in the front row of one of his shows -- because she grabbed at his junk, and he tried to defend himself under Florida's controversial Stand Your Ground Law.

After Gates was sentenced, his wife Dreka defended him on Instagram and provided an alternate angle of the incident.

You mean to tell me that @iamkevingates kicked the girl in the red jumpsuit and knocked the breathe out her? Because that's what she's been claiming and testified today in court. If anything her friend choked the fuck out of her. She claims she fainted, but yet she and her friend stayed at the club at the front of the stage even after this incident. She also acquired a civil attorney early on...what does that tell you? She also touched him FIRST (more than once) without his consent but yet he was the one sentenced to jail today for the same crime. She and her friend also had very conflicting stories and were tripped up in many lies today in the courtroom. It was comical and sad at the same time to see how desperate people are for fame and money. Not to mention the prosecutors wanted to give him 60 days with anger management and community service but yet the judge decided to give him 180 days?!? Are you fucking kidding me. Inshallah justice will be served. #unjust #fuckery #polkcounty #smfh by the way, thanks for taking my husband away from our kids (sarcasm) #itsnotoverjustyet

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