Kevin Gates Didn't Kick Woman Out For Refusing Bestility; Explanation Almost As Strange

By HHL Editors

Back in February, Kevin Gates posted an Instagram video which suggested he threw his lady friend out of bed because she wouldn't perform oral sex on his dog.

Now we didn't really think Gates was being serious. But he's also a guy who's happily admitted to butt-munching and cousin banging, so you never know.

He addressed the incident in a recent interview with Complex. And the explanation is almost as-out-there as what didn't actually happen.

People took that serious though that you actually meant... —because they’re stupid. They don’t have a life. A dog got a red, ugly, hot dog weiner-looking penis. Why would I be sexually aroused by a little bitty penis going in a woman, when I got a big dick? That wouldn’t even turn me on, you know what I’m sayin’? I wouldn’t let a bitch suck my dog’s dick if she tried, ’cause that’s my family member. Bitch, I don’t know where your mouth’s been. She askin’ me why I kiss my dog in the morning. Ain’t no dick been in my dog’s mouth. That’s what I told her, and it got taken out of context when "I’m not bout to sleep in bed with you with the dog." Well, the dog sleep in the bed with me all the time! He sleep at the foot at the bed or up on my chest, wherever he sleeps. That's my family member. You can say what you want about my dog, but he’s loyal. My dog cost $90,000. What kind of dog is it? It’s a micro exotic bully. I wouldn’t give a damn if a bitch—I wouldn’t let a bitch suck my dog’s dick. You know how expensive? His nut cost 10 grand. People pay me 10 grand just to mail them the semen from my dog. '​Cause I got the most exotic dog in the game. God blessed me with it.
Don't worry ladies, Kevin Gates won't make you go inter-species with his dog. Not when his pooch's nut is too expensive to waste.

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