Kevin Durant's Issues With The Nets Have To Do With The Vaccine


Earlier this week, Kevin Durant told Nets owner Joe Tsai to either fire coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks or trade him.

But apparently, Durant's issues with Brooklyn go beyond those two.

According to the New York Post, Durant was angry that he had to get a COVID vaccine and was pissed that Tsai wouldn't lobby then-Mayor Bill de Blasio to allow unvaccinated players living outside New York City to play home games.  (Unvaccinated visiting players were allowed to play.)

Tsai eventually hired a lobbyist to speak to now-mayor Eric Adams and Adams lifted the mandate, allowing unvaccinated Kyrie Irving to play.

The same source who spoke to the Post about the vaccine issues Durant had with the Nets believes Durant, who has three years left on his deal with the Nets, will play if Brooklyn doesn't trade him.

“I don’t think he’s not going to play," the source said of the 33-year old.

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