Kevin Durant Said To Be Fed Up With Steve Kerr


The Golden State Warriors seem to be doing fine without their injured superstar Kevin Durant. They've won 29 out of the last 30 games that Durant's missed but Steph Curry has played, including the first three in their Western Conference Finals series with the Blazers.

The two-time defending champion's recent success without KD has just added credence to the rumors that he will terminate his 2019-2020 player option with Golden State and leave the team in free agency.

Here's something else that would seem to suggest KD is headed elsewhere -- likely somewhere in New York City. Newsday is reporting that Durant isn't happy with Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

But one front office executive said that Durant has been unhappy with the prodding from Steve Kerr and the feeling that he never can be — no matter how great he performs and how many individual honors he compiles — the centerpiece of a team that holds Steph Curry in the hearts of the franchise.

Where do you think KD's playing next year?

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