Kevin Durant Gets Into The DMs Of Teenager Who Criticized His Game On Instagram


Kevin Durant has a history of emo Internet behavior.

At least in this latest instance he used his real name.

It all started when self-described "teenage basketball analyst" Kalyb Champion dropped this post on IG.

Thoughts? Agree or disagree? 💭🏀 #bucketgetters

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"3 elite two way players but don't elevate a team quite like LeBron and Steph due to their playmaking/leadership deficiencies," Champion wrote on a photo of Durant, Kawai Leonard, and Anthony Davis.

Durant quickly clapped back in Champion's DMs, calling him a "Middle school/knock off Stephen A. [Smith].

It goes on from there, and you can check out the whole correspondence by clicking through below.

Nothing gonna stop me from achieving my dream now @kevindurant

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Durant's main gripe is that the kid tagged him in posts and then got defensive when he actually responded. 

That's a fair point. But why's KD responding at all?

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