Kerry Lathan, Who Was Shot With Nipsey Hussle, Speaks From Jail


The story goes that Nipsey Hussle was killed while picking out clothes at his Marathon Clothing store for Kerry Lathan, whom he was hooking up because the 56-year was just out after serving 25 years for murder.

It turns out that's not quite what happened.

Vlad TV just spoke to Lathan -- who's back in jail for violating his parole by associating with gang member Nipsey -- and he told his side of the story. 

According to Lathan, he randomly ran into Nip in the parking lot in front of the store and started talking about a certain shirt that wasn't in stock. Within a few minutes, the gunman (allegedly Eric Holder) pulled up and opened fire, hitting Nip, Lathan and Lathan's nephew.

"I know Nipsey about as much as I know you," Lathan told his parole officer when they took him in.

Now Nipsey did hook Lathan up with some clothes seven months ago when he was released. Nip does that for all the OGs in the neighborhood when they come home.

Lathan was hit in the back in the incident and is now in a wheelchair. (His nephew's belt-buckle deflected the bullet and he wasn't seriously injured.)  Lathan is facing up to life for his parole violation.

Check the interview below. It would appear that Lathan is getting the rawest of deals. 


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