Kendrick Perkins Accuses Joel Embiid of Ducking Nikola Jokic


Kendrick Perkins has been one of Joel Embiid's biggest media supporters, going as far as accusing MVP voters of racism by preferring Nikola Jokic over Embiid.

He may be reconsidering that.

This afternoon, it was announced that Embiid wouldn't be playing tonight against Jokic in Denver.

Perkins accused Joel of ducking Embiid, who has now skipped every game in Denver since 2019.

"Joel Embiid is ducking that smoke today," Perkins said.  "And y'all know how I feel about Joel Embiid.  And here's the thing.  He has been on record.  We know who much it means to him to win this award.  Here it is.  You gave Jokic a spanking when they was down there in Philly.  You have to give him the opportunity to get his lick back.  You can not sit out this game ... I have a vote.  And when I go and vote for MVP I'm going to remember this moment.  It's only fair.  Jokic showed up to work in Philly, you have to give him his lick back."

What do you think?

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