Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Future, Drake & Meek Mill

By HHL Editors

Kendrick Lamar is a competitive guy who pays close attention to where he stands in the rap game.

If you don't think so, just listen to his famous verse on 'Control'.

But in an interview with the New York Times, K.Dot was nothing but gracious towards some of the other big names of 2015.

What was your favorite rap music of this year? Of course Future killed it. He smashed. Drake smashed. Future’s work ethic was crazy, his energy. This is the thing about hip-hop music and where people get it most misconstrued: It’s all hip-hop. You can’t say that just what I do is hip-hop, because hip-hop is all energies. James Brown can get on the track and mumble all day. But guess what: You felt his soul on those records. So you don’t buy this separation between “real hip-hop” and party records? No, I don’t. If it makes you feel good, and it makes you move — I don’t know these guys personally. I don’t know what makes them move on a personal level. I can’t knock it. It feels good when I listen to it, when I’m in that vibe. You feel it. You can get the highest level of that — you can get Future — or you can get the watered-down version, somebody else trying to be that. That’s the bad [expletive].
Party records  vs. "real hip hop" was a source of much discussion this year, especially in light of Future fans walking out on K.Dot's set at a couple of festivals. But it looks like Lamar took that all in stride.

As for the most talked about beef of 2015?

Did you follow the Drake and Meek Mill back and forth? Nah, I didn’t. That’s they thing they got going on over there.
You know what? We believe him.


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