Kendrick Lamar And SZA Refuse To Perform At Oscars


The Kendrick Lamar and SZA track "All The Stars" is one of five songs nominated for an Academy Award this year

It is customary that every nominated song is performed during the Oscar telecast.

However, Kendrick and SZA won't be playing the track from Black Panther Sunday night.

 A source told Variety that the reason for the no-show is "logistics and timing."

That's a little odd since the pair have known for months that they had the opportunity to play in front of a huge national audience. In fact, there was talk this year of only two tracks -- "All The Stars" and Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Star Is Born hit "Shallow "-- making the telecast.

That plan to omit three nominated tracks was aborted after a backlash. But the Oscars are still going to be one song short. Only this time it was the artists' decision. Why do you think they really pulled out?



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