Kendall & Kylie Jenner Under Fire For Selling 2Pac & Biggie T-Shirts

By HHL Editors

Kendall & Kylie's next trick is trying to vulture all of the cultures they can.

The Jenner girls' new "vintage" T-shirt line mixes images of iconic musicians with images of themselves.

Included in the collections are The Doors, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Led Zeppelin and -- relevant to this site -- Biggie and 2Pac.

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Needless to say, music fans of multiple genres were furious.

Not only do the Jenner girls deface Big and Pac with their presence, but one of the Pac shirts turns the vulturing up to 11 by featuring an image of Kylie wearing cornrows.


Rock fans are pissed too.

And for their final insult, the Jenner girls are charging $125 each for the shirts.

Do you think anyone will buy them?

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