Katt Williams Challenges Kevin Hart In Various Disciplines For Millions

By HHL Editors

Katt Williams is having a weird couple of days.

Yesterday, he was arrested after allegedly punching a pool supply store employee in Georgia, who he says dropped the n-bomb on him.

And then there is his feud with Kevin Hart. He called his fellow diminutive comedian a puppet at a recent show, and then Hart responding by labeling Williams a jealous hater.

Williams is shooting a comedy special in Hart's hometown of Philly soon. And when he's there, he has a special challenge for Hart.

"On that stage we can put whatever you want. A full court basketball court, a boxing ring, two microphones for a rap cypher, or you can get your ass dusted in comedy on that stage."
Williams wants to bet $1 million on each discipline. He says that's five million in total, but we're counting four. The only condition is that Hart can't bring his puppeteers. (White people, according to Williams)

Who do you think would win?

Hart doesn't seem to be too worried.

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