Karen Civil Won't Address Thefts; Says She's Being Cyber-Bullied

By HHL Editors

Some pretty serious accusations have been hurled at media personality Karen Civil this week.

First Cam'ron accused her of stealing $60K from his cousin Duke. Then Massachusetts rapper Joyner Lucas jumped on Twitter and said that Civil had charged him 50K for media strategy -- and then promptly stopped taking his calls.

Karen Civil has yet to respond to the charges on her usually active social media.

But she did just do an interview with Essence. In it, Civil addresses the comments she made about a parking lot showdown between Cam'ron and Jay Z -- which were what got Cam's attention and led to him revealing the (unrelated) theft.

But she doesn't answer (and probably didn't allow) questions about the theft.

You’re all about bringing positive vibes to social media, yet right now you’re receiving a lot of negative backlash on Instagram. Let’s talk about it. Yeah. I've gotten to a point where this isn't the first time it has happened to me. It's all about how you use your social platform. Right now, I'm just using mine to empower people, get my entertainment and my news. Other people use their platform for different things. It's unfortunate that cyberbullying is something that happens to 13-year-old kids in junior high and adults in the workplace. It's something that we have to deal with as Americans. I am now a testament to it, and it's happening to me. It's definitely an unfortunate situation.
Civil goes on to say that women are especially vulnerable to cyber-bullying.

This may well be true. But do you think she is getting a pass on Cam'ron and Lucas's accusations of theft because she is female?

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