The Kardashians Say Game Is Lying About His Kardashian Banging

By HHL Editors

In his new track 'Sauce', The Game brags that he's bagged himself three Kardashians.

“I used to fuck bitches that Usher Raymond passed off / Then I fucked three Kardashians – hold that thought,” The Game raps.
While we were willing to grant him two Kardashians, we had our doubts about a third -- unless you throw lesser Kardashians like Kylie, Kendall, Kris and Caitlyn into the mix.

Now the Kardashians are pushing back against Game's bars, and are claiming he only has one half-Armenian notch on his bed post.

That would be Kim, who we knew Game briefly "dated" back in the day. In fact, sources who spoke to TMZ said that Game got Kim's hubby Kanye's permission to release 'Sauce'.

As for the other two Kardashians ... it's always possible the reality TV family is lying when they say Game didn't make them Eskimo sisters in addition to real sisters.

Or maybe when Game says he's "fucked" a female it's just his way of giving her one of his famous Game shout outs.

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