Kanye's Surprise College Lecture Included Diss Of Ice Cube, Talk Of Illuminati


As part of his court-mandated community service for roughing up an 18-year old who said some nasty things to his famous wife, Kanye West was required to address students at L.A. Trade Technical College last week. We learned of this a few days ago when Kanye posted a photo of himself doing the addressing on his Instagram account.

So far, there is no video of the event. However, Complex scored an interview with Andre Pitts, who was a student in the class. He gave the low down on Professor Yeezy's, surpise unannounced lecture.

According to Pitts, Kanye "didn’t teach us specifically anything. He spoke about, you know, life in general and about his inspirations and whatnot."

Pitts described Kanye's speaking style as "all over the place." He also said that the 37-year old rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer and Kardashian family member was "very passionate" during his two hour lecture. (Yes, this all sounds very much how one would imagine Professor Yeezy would teach a course in Kanye 101.)

During the lesson, West listed Tupac, Steve Jobs and Ice Cube as public figures who have inspired him. But he also mentioned that Ice Cube was one of his biggest letdown.  He didn't elaborate on what soared him on the former N.W.A.-member, so feel free to speculate on whether this was "Are We There Yet" related.

West also spoke of the Illuminati. However, Pitts -- perhaps out of fear -- was in no mood to tell Complex what Kanye said about the notorious secret society.

"Someone finally did actually ask [West] about the Illuminati," Pitts told Complex.  "And I don’t want to say too much because he did tell the truth this time but I don’t have it on film so I can't really back that stuff up, but he did talk about that topic."

So yeah, maybe the Illuminati is real. Or at least it is in the weird and wonderful brain of Kanye West.

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