Kanye West's New Line For Adidas Originals Is Very Pricey

By HHL Editors

On his recent mini speaking tour, Kanye West has been talking a big game about making fashion cheaper and more accessible, saying he wanted to take the "Robin Hood approach to making clothes." He even mentioned that he had been inspired by the 2011 London riots to make clothing that the rioters could afford so they wouldn't have to loot.

But the new line he just dropped for Adidas has price points that would be a bit dear for your average Merry Man (or rioter).

Granted, the new Yeezy Boost Low is a fairly affordable $210.

But hoodies and sweatshirt will go for 430 bucks. Knitwear starts at $875 and goes to $1654, and outerwear goes from $1760 to over $4000.

A canvas backpack will run you around $500 and a leather bag 800 bucks.

At least the website High Snobbery thinks you are getting top quality goods for your dollars.

"Underlining these steep prices, however, is absolutely top-notch quality that will give luxury houses a run for their money," the website writes. Each piece is made in Italy at some of the world’s best factories, using only the finest materials. The leather is what you’d expect from a storied French house, while the technical fabrics featured in the collection could easily have been developed and used by urban fashion’s leading forces."
Still, do you think Kanye's new line undercuts his rhetoric about making fashion for the people?

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