Kanye West's New Album Is Done And 20 People Have Heard It


Kanye West is a pretty busy guy. But between teaching class, disrupting the fashion world and performing his Mr. Kardashian duties, hip hop's self-proclaimed polymath been able to find the time to cut a new album.

West has hinted that his follow up to 2013's Yeezus was slated for late 2014. According to Theophilus London, it is more likely to be sooner than later.

Monk was apparently one of only 20 lucky souls who was able to get a preview of the completed new album during a drunken listening party at Paris Fashion Week that included "a dark room" "mad babes" and "moshing." (Moshing ... so maybe Kanye's continuing with the "Black Skinhead" sound from Yeezus.)

Monk posted this photo before the raucous evening, along with the caption "So shortly after this picture I Only remember kanye playing his new album 3 times in a dark room of 20 people last night and moshing drunk with mad babes haha."

OK Theophilus, you are cooler than us. Monk also announced that he would be featured on the album.

A rough version of West's single All Day -- which is assumed to be on the album -- leaked in August. So far no word on the album's title. Or if West will require everybody to listen to it three times.

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