Kanye West's Love For Kim Kardashian Is So Strong It Defies Traditional Language

By HHL Editors

Today is Kim Kardashian's birthday. She is 34.

It was up to her hubby, Kanye West, to get her the perfect gift. Difficult, when your wife is a multi-millionaire reality TV goddess who already has it all.

However, Kanye has an ace in the hole. He is an artiste, maybe one of the all-time greats. (He will certainly tell you he's an all-time great) His words are his medium, and he could use his gift for verse to give his beloved the perfect present in 140 characters or less.

But what if his feelings for his bride are so strong that words defy them? Then you get this.

You know what?  That's actually sort of sweet. But we had to be snarky about it because, you know, Kanye. Damn you Kanye!

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