Kanye West's adidas Originals Yeezy Season 1 Is Hella Expensive

By HHL Editors

We got a taste of how expensive Kanye West's new line for adidas Originals would be back in March.

There is still no info on the line's availability, but the Japanese fashion mag Sense has published an editorial showing photos and pricing info for the collection.

As you can see below, Kanye's goal of bringing fashion to the people will not be achieved with this line. (Unless by people he means those who pay $160 for a tank top and $2,260 for a "destroyed" sweater.)

The list comes courtesy of HypeBeast, who converted the prices from yen to dollars. You can see photos of the clothes here.

Camo T-Shirt: $210 SFT Sweat Pant: $500 Yeezy 950: $510 Vest 1: $1,025 Hooded Jacket: $1,700 Long Sleeve Crew: $430 SFT Long John Pant: $480 Undestroyed Sweater: $1,360 Tab Bottom Pant: $510 Yeezy 950: $510 Destroyed Sweater: $2,260 FJ 3/4 Short: $340 Long Fur Coat: $3,060 Jersey Tank: $160 Tab Bottom Pant: $510 Coach Jacket: $2,150 Long Sleeve Crew: $430 Thin Camo Jacket: $1,420 Jersey Tank: $160 Boucle Pant: $1,025 Camo Trenchcoat: $2,500 Thermal Tee: $295 Supply Shorts: $365 Short Sleeve Crew: $398 Long Sleeve Crew: $431 Worker Pant: $431 Quilted Camo Jacket: $1,921 Long Sleeve Crew: $431 SFT Sweat Pant:$498

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