Kanye West Wrote 90 Bars For 'No More Parties In L.A'

By Sermon

After acting as Kanye's publicist and apologizing for the lack of a G.O.O.D. Friday release,  Kim Kardashian dropped some interesting information regarding the first 'Ye and Kendrick Lamar collaboration.

'No More Parties In L.A.,' which was teased at the end of 'Real Friends,' still isn't completed, which is why we didn't get music on Friday. Kim says that Kanye had a flight to Italy to work on season three of his clothing line. During that flight, he reportedly got inspired and wrote 90 bars to the song. Whoa. That's not something you hear him do often.

Upon landing, Kanye immediately went to the studio to record all the lyrics he constructed on the long flight. It's all but confirmed that the song will be on SWISH dropping on February 11.

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