Kanye West Countersued By Lloyd's Of London

By HHL Editors

Kanye West's touring company Very Good Touring didn't get a dime in insurance money for 'Ye's canceled St. Pablo Tour because insurer Lloyd's of London argued Kanye’s drug use caused his tour ending mental breakdown.

So earlier this summer VGT sued Lloyd’s for $9.8 million. They claim there is no evidence drugs caused ‘Ye to so publically lose his shit, and state that Lloyd’s is looking for “any ostensible excuse no matter how fanciful” to deny payment on the policy.

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Now Lloyd's is countersuing Kanye and company. Lloyd's won't say specifically that Kanye was using drugs and/or booze, but will say something Ye did triggered the policy exclusions that refer to using substances. They also argue VGT and Kanye haven't provided them with the information they need to determine whether West was using weed and/or prescription drugs at the time of his breakdown.

Lloyd's wants a judge to rule that they don't have to pay Kanye and VGT anything.

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