Kanye West and Solange Sued For Stealing Same Song


 Prince Phillip Mitchell likes his lawsuits in twos.

The R&B singer, songwriter and record producer is suing both Kanye West and Solange for using his 1970 track "If We Can't Be Lovers" without his permission.

He says 'Ye swiped it onto his Graduation track "Everything I Am" and Solange did it on her cut "Fuck The Industry."

 Solange's song was originally supposed to be on a mixtape called I Can't Get Clearance ... so there's that.

Mitchell's lawsuit demands that the pair stop performing the songs and radio stop playing them. Neither song is much of a hit, so that shouldn't be a big issue.

He's also seeking punitive damages. Check out the songs below and let us know if you think he has a case. (He probably does.)

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