Kanye West Reveals Tracklist For New Nas Album

By Alox

We're only a couple days away from a new album from Nas!

The newest body of work, produced by Kanye West, drops Friday, June 15th. Ye shows us the track listing (no features included, but, we're sure there will be some.)

Following the seven-track trend, once again, here it is:

1. Everything

2. Bonjour

3. Not For Radio

4. Adam and Eve

5. Simple Things

6. Cops

7. I Can Explain

Just wanted to say I'm up in the morning working on the Nas album and I'm so humbled by all the love we're getting on these albums. We're still the kids we used to be.

This album follows 2012's "Life Is Good". Who's excited for the return of Nas?


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