Juju Explains Why She And Cam'ron Broke Up

By Daryl Nelson

Last month Cam'ron stopped by The Breakfast Club and talked about his breakup with Juju.  Yesterday, Juju did the morning show and returned the favor.

During her interview, the Love & Hip-Hop star said that she and Cam grew apart because he began distancing himself from her.

“You know that was really hurtful to me, because Cam and I, we were really good friends," she explained. "Prior to this happening, Cam for the past year was just like basically pushing me away. He said I couldn’t go [to performances]. He said ‘I got my own thing going.’” 

Juju also responded to Cam's claim that their relationship wasn't fun anymore.

"I’m sorry I can’t be the 2009 Juju,” she stated. “This thing called life is about elevating and growing and if that makes me not fun I’m okay with that.”

Do you think it was smart for Cam to leave a woman who seemed truly devoted to him? You can watch Juju's full interview below.

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