Juice WRLD Sued For Stealing 'Lucid Dreams' By Somebody Who's Not Sting


Juice WRLD's hit 'Lucid Dreams' notoriously uses the guitar riff from Sting's 1993 song 'Shape Of My Heart.'

For that reason, Sting is said to be getting 85 percent of the royalties from 'Lucid Dreams'.

Now Yellowcard is coming for the rest and some.

The pop-punk band believes Juice stole the melody from their 2006 track "Holly Wood Died" and used it in "Lucid Dreams". They want $15 million.

“This was not a lawsuit the guys wanted to file. They put all of the parties on notice a long while ago and gave them every opportunity to try to resolve it. That notice was pretty much ignored leaving them with no real choice. As alleged in the Complaint, this is not just a generic Emo Rap song, but is a blatant copy of significant original compositional elements of Holly Wood Died in several respects. Beyond that, everything we have to say is in the Complaint," Yellowcard’s attorney Richard Busch said in a statement.

As for that complaint:

“Defendants copied the Original Work without license or consent, and have exploited the subsequent Infringing Work and Infringing Sound Recording to their collective benefit without regard to Plaintiffs’ rights and to Plaintiffs’ detriment. The Infringing Work and Infringing Sound Recording directly misappropriates quantitatively and qualitatively important portions of Plaintiffs’ Original Work in a manner that is easily recognizable to the ordinary observer. The Infringing Work and Infringing Sound Recording are not only substantially similar to the Original Work, but in some places virtually identical.”

In addition to suing Juice, Yellowcard is coming for "Lucid Dreams" co-writer Taz Taylor, producer Nicholas Mira, publisher BMG Rights Management, record label Grade A Productions and Interscope Records.

Check out the two tracks below.

Does Yellowcard have a case?

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