Joyner Lucas Rips Producers For Sending Him Wack Beats & Posts Some [LISTEN]

By Daryl Nelson

Joyner Lucas is working on his major label follow-up to his mixtape 508-507-2209.  A few days he got on IG and asked producers to send him their best beats:

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It turns out the rapper hated the beats he was getting and even posted videos of him listening to some with disgust.

There's one track that sounds more like techno music than Hip Hop and not even good techno music. Others were just noisy and followed no rhythm pattern or melody whatsoever.  Lucas eventually told people to stop sending him beats altogether, because he simply had enough.

When you tell producers to send there hottest beats. Smh

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Don't send me nomore beats. Smh ‍♂️

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Cut your arm all the way off bro ‍♂️

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I'm shutting down once and for all. I had enuff

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Why do you think there are so many horrible producers out there who think they have skills? Rappers too?

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