Joyner Lucas Disses Logic; Blasts His Comments About Eminem Vs. JAY-Z

By Daryl Nelson

Joyner Lucas threw a small shot at Logic on his remix of Future's 'Mask Off?'

"Don't you ever compare me to Logic (never). Go listen to 'Sriracha,'" spit the Massachusetts rapper.
'Sriracha' is a song off Tech N9ne's 2016 album The Storm, which Lucas and Logic are featured on. According to Lucas, the Everybody rapper held on to their verses for six months before he finally sent his in. When they did get Logic's verse, it wasn't any good.

[Releated: Joyner Lucas speaks on Tech N9ne's beef with Logic.]

Now in a new interview with Billboard, Lucas talked about Logic and 'Sriracha.'

"I just think he's a corny guy," he said of Logic. "Honestly, it stemmed from [Logic] going on the 'Sriracha' record, and it took a long time to get it back. When Tech N9ne initially gave me the record, I was excited about Logic being on there, but after that much time went by and the verse he gave was so disrespectful, I felt like he have Tech that verse on a count of me being on the record. I felt he was upset I was on the record and gave a wack verse ...  That definitely rubbed me the wrong way ... Matter of fact, I was watching an interview Logic gave the other day. They asked if he had to choose between JAY-Z and Eminem whose feature would he want? His response was Eminem and then he said 'Because I know Eminem's going to come spit for real' ... So now I'm looking at the screen like 'You're lying, bro.'"
Do you agree with Lucas? Do you think Logic is a corny hypocrite?

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