Joyner Lucas Courts Controversy With 'I'm Not Racist' Video


Race isn't particularly hard to talk about when you're discussing it with your own race.

But when there are two races involved in the discussion, things get tricky.

Joyner Lucas takes a stab at that in his new track and video "I'm Not Racist." In the video, a white Donald Trump supporter (who is voiced by Lucas) airs his racial grievances about black people. Then a black guy (also voiced by Lucas) rebuts and offers grievances of his own.  In the end, they hug it out.

I see a black man aimin' his gun
But I'd rather see a black man claimin' his son
And I don't mean just for one day and you done
I mean, you still trapped in a rut
And I work my ass off and I pay my taxes for what?
So you can keep livin' off free government assistance?
Food stamps for your children, but you're still tryna sell 'em
For some weed and some liquor or a fuckin' babysitter," raps the MAGA guy.

 Here is some of the brother's retort: 

And all you care about is money and power
And being ugly and that's the cracker within you
Hatred all in your brain, it slowly start to convince you
And then you teach it to your children until the cycle continue
Blame it on Puerto Rico, blame it on OJ
Blame it on everybody, except for your own race
Blame it on black niggas and blame it on black citizens

What do you think of the video and message?

[Update: Mysonne the General must have felt Joyner didn't go hard enough, so he puts his own words over the instrumental. Listen below.]

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