John Singleton Trashes 'All Eyez On Me' As Disrespectful To 2Pac

By HHL Editors

john-singletonJohn Singleton was originally attached to direct the 2Pac biopic All Eyez On Me.

But Singleton, who directed Pac in Poetic Justice, left the film and producer L.T. Hutton replaced him with Benny Boom.

Since then, Singleton's been critical of the film. Actually watching it this weekend didn't make him any less so.

On Atlanta's 94.5 this week, Singleton accused Hutton of stealing the movie from 2Pac's mom.

"These people stole the rights for the 2pac movie from his mom ," he said. "They disrespected Pac's mom. He would not allow people who would disrespect his family to make a movie. They just made it Pac as a rap star, they didn't understand where he came from and in terms of being a child of the revolution. They were just making a movie about a rapper."

In a different interview with Atlanta's V-103, Singleton defended his name, and dropped the Aaliyah-bomb on the production.

“That debacle…they just made a movie. They didn’t think of it as a cultural event…They didn’t think in terms of something that affected our generation. So that’s why I’m really upset,” Singleton said on radio. “And then these cats get on the radio, they start disparaging my name and people start listening to them as if everything that I’ve done has not been official. You gon’ listen to them over me? And they ain’t never made no movies?” “They made the Aaliyah version of ‘Pac, worse—worse than that.”

Do you think All Eyez on Me was a bad as the notorious Aaliyah Lifetime movie?

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