Joey Bada$$ Says He Inspired JAY-Z To Write '4:44' [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

JAY-Z'S 4:44 still has everybody's attention, with fans and artists talking about the album at great lengths. One of the latest people to do so was Joey Bada$$, who said he not only loves the LP, he inspired it.

"I feel like I was an inspiration to that album," he told Montreality. "Honestly, I know I was an inspiration to that album. It's nothing nobody could tell me. I put certain pressure on these OGs in the rap game like they know what they gotta talk about now, because they got this young nigga Joey Bada$$ coming out, talking about this shit before they got the chance to talk about it. But it is what it is."
Joey also said 4:44 motivates him, and he's glad Jay addressed certain topics.

"I love the album. It's great," he stated. "I'm glad he spoke about everything he spoke on, and I'm glad I could be an inspiration. It keeps me hungry. It keeps me wanting more. It keeps me wanting to go harder. Like right now, I'm at my best. I'm at my most ultimate."
What do you think about Joey saying he inspired 4:44?

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