Joey Bada$$ Got Arrested For Assault In Australia

By HHL Editors

Joey Bada$$ decided to live up to his name Down Under. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the 19-year old Brooklyn emcee became confrontational when asked for his credentials by a security guard right before he was supposed to play his set during Friday night's Falls Music Festival in New South Wales, Australia.

An argument broke out between Joey and the 20-year old venue employee and Bada$$ allegedly punched him, breaking the guard's nose and causing other facial injuries.

The Australian authorities politely allowed the 'Curry Chicken' rapper to finish his set and then arrested him for "assault occasioning actual bodily harm." He spent the night in prison and was then released. He is still touring Australia in support of his upcoming debut album B4.DA.$$, which drops January 20.

There will be a further hearing on the charges March 19. But we expect Joey to be back stateside by then, so we're not entirely sure how that works.

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