Joe Budden Unloads On L.A. Reid [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

L.A. Reid abruptly left his position as CEO and chairman of Epic Records last week.

Yesterday, we learned that Reid had been accused of sexually harassing one of his assistants, and that's likely why he got so unceremoniously dumped.

Joe Budden addressed the situation today on Everyday Struggle.

He claimed Reid was fired two reasons; he was terrible at his job and a serial harasser.

On Reid being a bad Epic exec, Budden argued that L.A. mishandled the French Montana album debacle -- in which MC4 was shipped to Target early and then canceled -- and the Future-Rocko lawsuit.

He then added (and DJ Akademiks agreed) that Reid has lost money for every label he has worked for.

"LA Reid is the executive definition of a flop," Budden explained. "Everywhere he has gone, he has spent more than has come in."
Next, Joe got into what seems like the more pertinent issue: the sexual harassment.

"L.A. Reid is a sexual predator," Budden explained. "Let's let the cat of the bag. These rumors were circulating at Def Jam. Multiple assistants at Def Jam said that L.A. Reid liked to call underaged girls in his office. [Budden clarified he means 18.] But you're calling 18, 19-year-old girls into your office and soliciting sexual favors. That was happening. It wasn't a secret to people in the music industry. My question is why the fuck L.A. Reid had a job in the first place. ...  I'm sure [Reid] has a Bill Cosby list somewhere."
Jump to the 2:30 mark to hear Budden go off.

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