Joe Budden Slams Eminem's New Track "Untouchable"


Joe Budden has transformed himself from a B-list rapper to an A-list rap critic.

He's been accused of going easy on Eminem, in his new role, because of his group Slaughterhouse's relationship with Em and Shady records.

Which is why it's notable that he went all the way in on Eminem's latest single, the racial charged "Untouchable," on his podcast yesterday.

"That Eminem "Untouchable" is one of the worst records I've heard. I don't care if it's good rapping on it," Joe yelled. "And when the album comes out and it's fucking trash, I'm going to be the first nigga to call it trash. I don't [not] talk about Em now because I love Em so much. Royce is my brother ... that shit [Eminem] is doing is trash."

The conversation started when Joe was discussing the new Big Sean-Metro Boomin' album, Double or Nothing. 

If you guessed that Joe would find it "trash" you would be correct.

Jump to the 1:07 mark to hear Joe scream about the poor quality of Eminem and Big Sean's work.


Do you agree with Budden on Sean and Em's latest?

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