Joe Budden Responds To Troy Ave's 'Press Spray' Diss

By Daryl Nelson

Earlier today, we shared Troy Ave's new song 'Press Spray,' in which he went pretty hard at Joe Budden.

In the cut, Troy called Joe fake, jealous, a drug addict and a"bitch-beater." This is what the Slaughterhouse rapper had to say about all of that on his new show Everyday Struggle:

"Let me tell you something," Joe said. "Number one, my career would be over if I responded to him. And number two, my girlfriend would never let me waste a bar on the likes of a Troy Ave."
Is Mr. Budden suggesting he's too big to respond to the Brooklyn rapper? Or do you think he won't respond, because he doesn't want the potential street drama.

You can listen to Joe's comments below at around the 49:03 mark.

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