Joe Budden Reflects On JAY-Z Coming For Him On The Remix To "Pump It Up"


Before Joe Budden was an outspoken media personality, he was that guy from "Pump Up It."

Joe's biggest hit as a rapper came out 15 years ago, when he was 21.

To celebrate its big birthday, Budden reflected upon the Just Blaze-produced track in an interview with Billboard. He speaks on "Pump It Up"'s making, its video (which he hates), and its sales.

He also addresses the remix, on which JAY-Z comes at Budden with many a subliminal.  (He compares Budden to human twig Shawn Bradley, among other things.)

One of the biggest moments that came from the record, especially for the hip-hop junkies, was when JAY-Z did his rendition on it and you came right back.

That was amazing. That was an amazing moment in hip-hop. I went to him for a remix, and for whatever reason, it didn’t happen. So when I heard it -- I mean, I’m a huge Hov fan, so that was real big. He started spitting and he wouldn’t stop. Then I kind of was nervous a little bit. [Laughs.] Now you got the best rapper on your ass with a hundred bars. Boy, that was nerve wracking.

Did it take a long time to craft your verse for the comeback?

One hundred percent. No rewrites. I used to pride myself on not rewriting

Here are the tracks and videos in question.

Did Budden get the better of Hov on the remix?

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