Joe Budden Questions Co-Host DJ Akademiks' Manhood [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks' Complex show Everyday Struggle is known for its hot takes and artist confrontations.

On Budden's solo podcast today he offered a hot take on Akademiks that may well lead to a confrontation with his co-host.

It happened as Budden was discussing his now notorious dust-up with Migos, which went down during an Everyday Struggle segment.

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Ak has argued that there was more to the showdown than what showed up on tape. But Budden thinks his partner should just shut up when it comes to things like beef that could physical.

"Akademiks is one of the biggest pussies I've ever seen in my entire life," said Budden. "He should never comment on anything that has to do with physicality." "There's nothing wrong with being a pussy, but be pussy to the corner sometime and shut up," Budden continued.
Is that any way to talk about your cohost? Or do you agree with Budden on Akademiks?

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