Joe Budden Lashes Out At Migos For Giving Bad Interviews [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

Joe Budden stopped by the Philly station Boom 103.9 and talked about the confrontation he had with Migos at Sunday's BET Awards. According to the Everyday Struggle host, he didn't want to fight the group, he just didn't want to interview them.

"I didn't want to talk to the Migos," said Joe. "I've never seen a good Migos interview ... When people are not enthusiastic and they don't really want to kick it, you not just gonna me give your rear end to kiss. I'm big on principles. I'm big on morality. I'm big on codes and ethics. As men we just don't behave that way. Ya'll not going to do that. I don't care if you poppin'."
Afterward, Joe said it doesn't matter if Migos is a huge act or not, he demands respect, which is why he got so upset.

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"Some people may care," he explained. "I'm not one of those people that are totally enamored with people's success, so I feel I needed them to know how I felt before that interview was over, 'cause I might not ever see them again, so I got up and walked away from that damn interview."
The New Jersey rhymer also talked about that one guy in Migos's crew who seemed to throw a punch. He's the dude that blocks the camera right after Joe walks away.

"The young man in the purple and white shirt was swinging and getting aggressive with our female producer that was holding his arm," Joe explained. "He wasn't swinging on me."
Since Joe has been talking about Migos so much, do you think he has to worry about a physical confrontation with them in the future?

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