Joe Budden Has Theories on Drake's Subliminal Shots At Kanye on "Scorpion"


Drake barely touched Pusha T or Kanye West on his album Scorpion

Perhaps it's because J. Prince told him not to.

Perhaps it's because Drake didn't think he needed the smoke. Perhaps he didn't think he could handle it.

Or, perhaps, as Joe Budden argues, Drake did come for Kanye. But he did so in such a subliminal way that some missed it.

Joe addressed that during a recent episode of his podcast. He also got into his theory of how Kanye may have come across the damaging Drake information that ended up on Pusha T's notorious Drizzy diss The Story Adidon.

“What I'm thinking has me receiving the album differently than people who aren't perceiving the album this way. I think that  Drake was somewhere with Kanye. I think they were talking about stuff, as they were working. I think that Drake probably let Kanye hear a good amount of what he was working on, because that’s what artists do. I think that this is while his June date is announced. He never said June-what, he always just said June. I think he then left Kanye, and I think when he went back to Kanye, there was a whole bunch of people around. Room full of rappers. I think when he went back to Kanye, Kanye had his whole June rollout planned.

I think that everything Kanye has done in the past month with that bullshit was totally centered around whatever information he got from Drake before he departed. I think when Drake left the second time, I think that’s when a diss record came out - Drake’s “Duppy” freestyle ... which was a Kanye diss the whole time."

Joe went on to say the Scorpion track "8 out of 10" was also a Kanye diss.

"I was hearing 8 out of 10 very different. The second verse in 8 out 10 really is the second verse that probably matches with the first verse of "Emotionless"," Joe explained.

Next, Joe broke down "8 out of 10" line by line. 

Jump to the 16 minutes to hear Joe do that.

Do you agree with Joe or is he reaching? (And reaching, and reaching ...)


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