Joe Budden Explains Exactly What Happened When Drake Fans Ran Up On Him

By HHL Editors

The confrontation between Joe Budden and a bunch of "OVO Goons" is one of the weirdest and funniest incidents in recent Hip Hop history.

In an interview with Complex, Budden explained exactly what happened.

It began at 7:30 AM on Sunday morning when Joe was confronted by a bunch of 15 year olds chanting Drake lyrics.

He exchanged words with the pranksters a couple of times, but they wouldn't stop stalking his home.

He considered bringing one the teens into his house and beating them, or getting his gun and threatening the group.  But he realized that those were terrible ideas.

"When you filter your craziness you come up with 'let me chase the kids with rocks and give them a stern warning,'" he explained.
Later, he used the internet to find out where one the high schoolers lived and went there to speak to the boy's parents.

Watch Budden explain the whole goofy ordeal below.

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