Joe Budden & DJ Akademiks Argue About Who Is An Industry Plant

By HHL Editors

Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks waded into the always controversial pool of which rappers are industry plants on their show Everyday Struggle today.

Here's how Akademiks explained what an industry plant is:

"When you see a rapper get a come-up and you're wondering how the fuck they did it. Especially when the fan base doesn't match up."
Two names immediately came up: Chance The Rapper and Nav.

"A lot of people acknowledge that Chance has these wonderful connections that let him do things that other independent artists can't," Akademiks said. "I think now we're realizing he's not as independent as he says he is -- remember the Apple thing."
While Ak argued Chance may be a plant, Budden pushed back.

Ak also said Nav was suspicious because he got a lot of big features even though you can't really document his come- up.

The discussion actually started last week when Russ appeared on the show and suggested Chance was an iplant.

Ultimately, Budden dismissed the idea of industry plants in rap, but said they are prevalent in R&B.

Check out today's episode below and let us know what you think. The discussion starts off at the top of the show.

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