Joe Budden Disses Migos After Confrontation At BET Awards [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

Details have been coming out about Joe Budden and Migos's much-talked-about run-in on Everyday Struggle at the BET Awards. DJ Akademiks has already said there were parts of the interview that weren't even seen, and that the tensions between Budden and the Atlanta group started before their interview began.

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Today, AK posted the conversation he had with Joe and co-host Nadeska about the incident after it happened, and the Slaughterhouse member said Migos weren't really mad, they were just acting tough.

"There's no tension in the air," he said. "It's a bunch of phony, waffling and posturing for cameras and carpets ... I don't want to talk to anybody that don't want to sit here ... I don't give a fuck about your stardom or your notoriety. If you ain't got much to say then what the fuck are you in our seat for ... Mad or [not], they ain't put much treble in their fucking voice. They might have been a little loud on the ad-lib track but outside of that, this was awesome."
Do you believe Joe? Do you think Migos was acting tough for the cameras, and they weren't really upset?

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