Joe Budden Clowns Troy Ave For Only Selling 830 Copies Of 'NuPac' Project

By Daryl Nelson

Joe Budden didn't respond to Troy Ave's 'Press Spray' diss with a verse, but he did clown the low sales of the Brooklyn rapper's NuPac project.

"I want to congratulate NuPac on a whopping 830 records sold," said Joe on Everyday Struggle. "Great. Life has been lost. Fucking, your career is about over. One album in three years too short. Rest in peace to boy Ave's career."
Now Troy Ave is no stranger to embarrassingly low sales numbers. In 2015, he was roundly clowned for only selling 4373 units (and 30 physical albums) of his debut album Major Without A Deal in its first week.

But NuPac was released as a mixtape, and is widely available for free.

Nevertheless, do you agree with Joe? Is Troy's career just about done? You can see him speak on the low record sales at the 48-minute mark.

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